An Experiment with the Flipped Classroom

It’s been a busy couple of years, but I am very pleased to say that I have made it to the end of the final CoETaIL project!

The video embedded below represents a sequence of learning that took place over the course of three months. While there were a number of interruptions to the schedule, this Geometry unit took quite a large chuck of time during our most intensive part of the school year.

I am lucky to be working with a very resilient and flexible group of students that were up for the challenge of trying something new with me. While there were a few students who had heard the term “flipped classroom“, most had absolutely no idea about what it involved. I enjoyed sharing with them that this was part of my own learning and that I needed their help along the way to provide feedback and ideas about how to improve the process.

So, this brings me to the end of the fiveĀ CoETaIL courses, which causes me to pause and reflect on the different learning experiences that I have had. There have been a lot of different ideas presented and honestly, I have not taken enough time to thoroughly review and digest them. You could spent hours and days reading articles and watching videos and going down various online rabbit holes that take you deeper and deeper into the minds of what other people think are the best ways to enhance learning and engage your students.

For me, the greatest challenge is sifting through the vast amount of new resources, new ideas, new perspectives and new pedagogies that are flying around the realm of education. Ultimately, I find that if I take one single idea, take time to truly digest it and then twist it to make it work for me and my students, then I feel that I have accomplished something positive. My experiment with the flipped classroom has been a good example of this. It’s been something that I have been thinking about for a couple of years and I am thankful for the push that the final CoETaIL project gave me to finally break the ice and give it a try.

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